In June 2007, Spatial Dimension won a project to design and implement a Cadastre for the Mining Sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Africa.


In 2014, Spatial Dimension was awarded a contract by the World Bank to extend the use of FlexiCadastre into four key Provincial Offices of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Cadastre Minier (CAMI).


“CAMI began using FlexiCadastre as our mining cadastre system in 2007 after an initial project to implement a mining cadastre solution failed to meet the needs of CAMI. Over this time CAMI has been able to maintain one of the most successful and transparent mining cadastre systems worldwide, including a public portal for stakeholder access to mining cadastre data. We have been extremely impressed with FlexiCadastre and the support provided by Spatial Dimension and now want to expand its usage beyond our Kinshasa head office,” said Jean Felix Mupande, Director General of CAMI.


“This new project will see the system extended for use in CAMI’s offices in the Orientale, Maniema, Sud Kivu and Katanga provinces. This will allow for both local and foreign investors to apply for mineral rights at the Provincial level instead of having to travel to Kinshasa to lodge applications. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with the highly motivated and professional team at CAMI and we look forward to supporting them for many years to come,” concluded Charles Young, Senior Consultant with Spatial Dimension.


The DRC Mining Cadastre portal can be found at


*FlexiCadastre is now part of the Landfolio software suite.