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Ensuring compliance, land access and security of tenure is fundamental to a mining or exploration company.

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Land Management Solutions for Mining


The world’s most successful mining companies turn to Spatial Dimension for land management solutions that assist them in managing their complex portfolios of land, mineral rights and related obligations. Landfolio provides an easy to use, integrated environment, with up-to-date and accurate information at your finger-tips ensuring mining companies meet their obligations, month after month, year after year.


Benefits of Landfolio for the Mining Sector

Whether you are managing mining claims in North America, tenements in Australia or mineral rights across the world, ensuring regulatory compliance is of upmost importance. The risk of failing to do so is clear; it can seriously damage a company’s reputation and bottom line and that’s why so many firms turn to Landfolio for land and mineral rights management.


Protection against loss of property or mineral interests

Protect your company against loss associated with missing requirements or obligations; avoid losing future revenues, access to land/mineral resources, or even property and other investments.

Global oversight and reporting

View and generate reports on your land-related assets and their respective agreements and obligations across your wind, solar and other green energy projects. Accurate analysis and reporting of ownership interests for both early and late stage projects is also critical to long range forecasting and planning.

Ensure compliance with agreement obligations

Effectively managing commercial agreements, leases, and contracts is essential for maintaining relationships, meeting commitments, and preventing legal disputes. Utilize Landfolio as a centralized repository for your organization's agreements to reduce risk, enhance internal governance, and ensure compliance.

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

Risk of missing a date of an obligation, such as tenure, surface rights, agreements, mining claims or permits, can result in reputational and bottom line harm. Have peace of mind that all legal and compliance obligations are completed correctly and on-time.

Standardized business processes

Standardized processes ensure process conformity and help to increase organizational efficiency, eliminate waste, and improve corporate governance. Reduce costs by using one system to keep track, record, and report on mineral rights and land assets, across projects, or global jurisdictions.

Enterprise integration

Integrating your enterprise systems across an organization is essential to efficiently manage land-related data, processes, and assets across the business. Effective Integration ensures that information flows seamlessly between systems, eliminating data silos and improving efficiency. Landfolio’s API can assist your organization bringing together these often disparate systems.

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Landfolio is the premier software in the land management space.

— Glencore Land Manager

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