Case Studies

Managing Mining Tenure

FlexiCadastre is implemented by mining and exploration companies to manage risk and ensure compliance in meeting the requirements and obligations for ...

Managing Community Resettlement

FlexiCadastre manages all aspects of the Relocation and Resettlement of local communities when their land is acquired for the purposes of mining.

Leveraging FlexiCadastre for EITI Reporting

The EITI Report publishes payments disclosed by oil, gas and mining Companies and revenues received by Governments following reconciliation led by an ...

Small-scale Sector Management

Artisanal and Small-scale mining activities generally occur outside regulatory legal and fiscal frameworks, impacting the well-being of communities in...

Managing Unpatented Mining Claims in the United States

The small size and large numbers of unpatented land held by mining companies operating in the United States provides a unique challenge to land manage...

Managing Compensation Agreements

FlexiCadastre manages all aspects of Compensation when communities and their lands are affected by mining activities.

Leveraging FlexiCadastre to ensure MPRDA compliance

FlexiCadastre can be configured to manage all processes required to meet regulatory obligations thus ensuring compliance with the South African Minera...

Managing Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUA)

FlexiCadastre provides an integrated approach for managing the Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUA) process from beginning to end.
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