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Managing Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUA)

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Managing Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUA)


Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUA) are voluntary agreements negotiated between a native title group and other parties, for the use and management of land and waters.

An ILUA provides a flexible approach to the management of land use issues allowing parties to tailor the outcome to suit their circumstances.

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To effectively manage the negotiation and subsequent outcomes and obligations of an Indigenous Land Use Agreement between Native Title groups and other parties. The agreement might include provision for managing compensation for loss/impairment of native title, land access, defining how Native Title rights coexist with the rights of others, native title rights, economic opportunities and so on.


  • Effective management strategies for shared responsibility in the protection of land, fishing and water resources.
  • Improved protection of Indigenous heritage and sustainability of Aboriginal culture
  • Improved social and economic outcomes for Indigenous people.
  • Native title holders agreeing to future developments where native title has, or has not yet, been determined.
  • Setting out processes for the resolution of native title claims through negotiation, discussion and agreement-making.


Manage the complete ILUA process using the FlexiCadastre integrated contracts management functionality including:

  • Outcomes of the negotiation process.
  • Communications with NNTT and Native Title Holders.
  • Internal approval processes.
  • Scheduling and tracking on-going agreement obligations.
  • Managing Compensation.
  • Managing geographical extent of ILUA and associated native tile claim areas and heritage sites.


A fully integrated approach to managing the entire ILUA process. From negotiations to registration, through to the long term conditions and obligations of the agreement. FlexiCadastre schedules, notifies and tracks all on-going agreement decisions, meetings and obligations, and provides a spatial enabled system to view agreements in conjunction with your tenements.

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